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Lua vs JavaScript Empty Lua vs JavaScript

on Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:30 am

I am thinking about adding more powerful scripting language to replace qmuparser. The reason for this is very simple, we are heading toward need to support more complex logic. Real scripting language allows us to add features like loops, condition operators (less strict than ternary operator), line angle, line length, possibility to control pattern by script and so on. The question is which language to select? Currently i see two options: Lua and JavaScript. Reason for this is good integration with Qt internals. Don't forget that we do not need full language support, but only subset for supporting scripting.

Right now i more one JavaScript side, because it has been being supported by Qt's team, so it's internal library. Also it does support ternary operator and single math formulas. Thus transition will be smooth. This is good for supporting old patterns. Because as i understood Lua has slightly different syntax and this can produce problems for us supporting two math parsers.

I started this thread to discuss this decision and if you have something to add you have a chance. This change will not happen very soon, so you have plenty of time. But to not make this change one man decision, i inform you that such change can happen.

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