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Test build 16/10/2017 Empty Test build 16/10/2017

on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:32 am
Changes since last test build:

  • Added a delay when moving objects for the visible part of the scene. It should help to get rid of the lightning scrolling.
  • Added a way to get around a https://bitbucket.org/dismine/valentina/issues/762/menu-problem. Now you can switch drawings not only through the drop-down list, but through the menu and keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + PgDown and Ctrl + PgUp.
  • By default, logging on Windows is disabled, which should give a small performance boost.
  • Export the description as part of the final measurements. To know what this is see the previous test version.
  • Another optimization is the "Free Curve". In this mode, the entire drawing will be updated only after you "release" the curve. This approach allows us to accelerate the responsiveness of the curve. Behavior can be turned off in the settings.
  • Critical fix in the code for generating the main piece path.
  • Ported changes from our colleagues. Now it is possible to export a tiled PDF file not only in A4 format. Export through the command line is also present, added it myself.
  • New function of controlling the scale of curve approximation (except for elliptical arcs). The higher the scale, the more accurately the curve is drawn. But this requires more points. This also requires more processing time, which will affect the performance. Possible values are from 0.1 to 10.0. The default value is quite small 0.5. It is possible both global setting of the value and changes for a particular curve.

The new test build is available for download on the website https://valentinaproject.bitbucket.io.
Russian version is available on the dev blog.
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