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My vision.

on Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:21 am

In this post i want to share with all of you my vision of how i see future of Valentina. We should avoid mistakes of past. This is the main reason why i decided to start all from scratch in new fork with new rules. I will be honest and many will not like what i will write. I don't care, i am here not to make all happy. And i have place for you where you will never ever hear any ugly words, but also never hear the truth either. You will be just politely ignored. Choice for yourself.

I tried to avoid this discussion as much as could because i am developer and prefer to write a code instead of proving that i am right by talking. Especially with people who superior in this area. I will lose such a battle for sure. But unfortunately only few people with right skills can see difference between us. Complains and right questions from some people gave me a hope. This is the main reason why i decided to clarify few things about this fork.

This is not first my discussions about this topic. Other emotional posts published on dev blog.

To begin answer a question what does word community mean for you? How do you understand it? I know some people who believe that community is all people around a project no matter how big impact they made. For me this is opposite, my experience says me that with such philosophy one day you will wake up surrounded by crowd that only consumes and with only few that really make some valuable effort to push forward a project. Isn't it a success that you have so many people that consume your product? As i see, it is not really. People just don't get it, there is always somebody behind of every change, every new feature and every decision. They are more than happy left all dirty work for someone else, especially if they get all for free. The problem with such approach is obvious, lack of push forward power. This is not a problem for proprietary products, they force you to give your money before you will take a product. They even more interested not to force you to do anything to achieve a goal for yourself because this creates a competition for them and kill their business. But this is tragedy for open source project. It struve to death full of parasites who suck all energy produced by few creators. Each open source project is unique, like unique ecosystem. Traditions and rules that work for one will fail for another. And pattern making community is not very easy to deal with. Many people lack of technical skills, knowledge about open source, producing any product at all. And in the list i even did not mention a developer skills. Usually they bring with themselves rules from pattern making forums, rules those will never work in case of pattern making community and will never push forward a project. Such ecosystem unbalanced and what make things even worse people don't understand this.

For me community is people who push forward a project, add value to it. People truly believe that spending every day on forum and commenting each post make a valuable commit. This is only basic level, the first thing that all can do. Yes, open source always was about engineering and developing and most valuable effort make programmers, then come people who test a product and only then those who propose new features. This is the truth many not willing to see. And this is the reason why regular approach of pattern making community will not work. It just bad in producing new developers and fixing bugs. At least somehow it can produce bug reports. Real member of community produce some effort to stay a project alive and make it more valuable. This means real high level effort like: developing code, fixing bugs, adding new features, helping to maintain packages, help other people, reporting bug reports, teaching other people, writing tutorials etc. This push forward a project. This make such people better than other. Yes, i don't afraid this statement anymore. Hiding a head in sand like strauss to not see a truth is worst.

If you don't want to make an effort you just a regular user and will be treated as regular user. No privileges, no carma, many no and few yes to all your proposals. This feels rude, but you people deserve this. To take give first. This is my rule. I don't see reason why you cannot help even if you are not developer. Valentina project had only one core developers/maintainer and so many pattern makers who found it interesting, but still, i don't see big effort in translating or writing manuals. All just quietly waiting Valentina's core team to do everything. In this case i am more than happy to say go away. You will not get anything.

I willing to work only with community members. If it will be only one person or several i will be more than happy. No more free credits for users. Use product if you wish, even go to our colleges if you wish, but know who you are in my eyes.

This is project about creating pattern making software, not about discussion patternmaking itself. If you don't know patternmaking i cannot help you. My main goal is to build software mature enough to use it in production. Because production is only place where we can find enough push forward power. It is time to grown up and admit that nobody will care about such passive consumers like most hobbyist are. Forgive me if i did not teach you properly and assumed that you will understand all by yourself. If it is not a case this means that i am right. Which direction we will get highly depend on who will be part of community, but you know what i dream about, from the start it has been always was about production. So, people who want the same find me more kind than others. Smile One of the goals is to provide commercial support.

As to question why i refuse to discuss with my colleges the split, well, i want give them try to prove that they are capable to do at least something useful. They made so many comments about my work and my decisions, mark me close minded and so on. As i said previously i seek cooperation with community, I don't see nobody from old team with whom i can talk. Any discussions and comments help them, but not me. It must be clear what they achieved with me and what they did without my help.

Feel free to ask me more if i did not cover something.
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Re: My vision.

on Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:35 pm
I mainly agree with you, as I read the post it was a little bit like a look in the mirror. I am hobbyist and mainly use Valentina, and I like it a lot that such a capable Software is

1. Open Source (very important to me!)
2. Available for Linux, as I do not like and use Microsoft products.

Where I do not agree is that we hobbyists cannot make a contribution. In my view Valentina is a Software specialized for bespoke products, therefore the target users are Taylors who sew bespoke things for their customers. This is not production for me, production is producing masses of clothes of the same size, which is a very different task.

I think everyone that uses your software and has some view of it and comments on it does give a contribution, because you receive feedback whether your software is usable and well designed or not. This is crucial for Open Source Software where it is more common that the programmers do not give a heck to the view of their users and many in principle good Open Source Programs have a very badly designed UI (Inkscape for example that is horrific and unintuitive to use compared to Corel Draw). Therefore I would like to give you the advice to listen to your users, think about whether their contribution makes sense or not and then react. Don't take me wrong, I like the UI of Valentina a lot!

Regarding contribution: Unfortunately I have very little spare time I mostly consume for tayloring and sewing stuff for me as I am not able to buy things as nothing fits me. But of course I would like to contribute as good as I can, as this is Open Source!
I am no programmer, but I would be happy to help writing a decent user manual in English and afterwards maybe translate it to German. I did some German translations of the program text parts, if there are new ones needed, just tell me.

If there is a wiki that can be accessed, I would be happy to start writing at least on these functions I feel I have fully understood them. Are you the owner of the current wiki, or do you want to setup a new one? The texts of the current wiki could be copied as a starter?

To close this, keep up your good work and do not let you down by any comments of other people. Valentina is already a good software and personally, I do not miss a lot. But improvement is always possible of course!
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Re: My vision.

on Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:20 pm
Hi Buggy,

Thank you for your feedback. I thought little bit about your words. You know, looks like i like this project too much, i care about it too much. I cannot stand a feeling where too many people go to me and ask features. I hate when i cannot bring them in short time. They all ask documentation and more features and i cannot give them back. This makes me very unhappy. I cannot work like this. This is sort of emotional DDoS. Filtering people makes me more happy because i see a feedback, i see that they care. I am ready to work hard to make them happy. This system scale very badly. In this case i am very bad service provider. That's why i talk a lot about give to take. Cutting most people who don't understand this and want stay with them actually makes me more happy. I like people from production because they can help me and they know exactly what they want and need. And this is the reason why for me it is a priority and my dream.

Don't try to say me to stop carrying too much. This will not work, i tried. This is who i am. That's why i also cannot stop caring about hobbyist too. But most of them don't wish or cannot help, thus will not stand with me for long. Sad
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willing to help with enhanced printing on small paper

on Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:45 pm
I was excited when I first found Valentina software because it works on LINUX and I do not like to work with Windows. Valentina software is highly useful and you have obviously done a lot of good work to make it so. The software that is based on Qt and works for many different operating systems is a good achievement.

I am sad because so many people including me gave you so many suggestions and questions that it was too much noise for you to continue.

Only one issue caused me great concern and that issue is poor support for the user who has only a small printer (such as letter or A4). I found it possible and I made the Valentina software work for me with the small printer. This required that I discover a lot on my own. I understand that not everyone is willing or able to do this and I hoped to write instructions to help others learn to do the same.

I am a native English speaker and have limited ability in other languages but am willing to learn and to use what tools I can find.

If there is some way that I can contribute by creating a code improvement or by writing some document I am willing to contribute. If you do not ask for my help, I will lurk silently.
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Re: My vision.

on Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:01 pm
I entirely agree to your vision.
We are consumers of free sofwares, and must contribute if we want to improve them and, only then, have personal benefits from the improvements.
I offer to translate into French. I would agree to contribute to a complete manual, too, but I'm not sure that I could directly prepare a document in English. I just saw that an American member offers to do it in English, we could join to draw it up. I think that many good ways of working with Valentina could be described, as I spent a lot of time to understand the possibilities of the project (and I think I have not explored everything afetr 2 years of drafting with it !).

I can test beta versions and report bugs, too
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Re: My vision.

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